Where To Stay In Singapore

Singapore is a costly place to live, so searching a cheap hotel is really a challenge.

A good option is to Google before arriving in Singapore. You will find several more affordable options, so we suggest you take a look. And if you are worried about hire a transport, enjoy maxicab service to hire cab at affordable prices!

Where To Stay In Singapore

Top regions to stay in Singapore

No matter wherever you want to stay in Singapore, any place will be suitable! The public transport or cab works perfectly, Singapore is small and extremely safe. Still, here are the best areas to stay during your visit:


It is an oldest district, consisting of the Malay and also Muslim blocks, where the best hotels are located. Remember, we mentioned above that cab transport is perfect and you don’t have to worry about violence? So, contact maxi cab services to find the best choice!

Sleeping capsules are common in the country and one of the coolest you should visit is the MET A Space Pod. It has a futuristic theme and a very interesting place if your stay is short. The capsules have air conditioning and TV.

Marina bay

Certainly one of the most popular – and expensive – places in Singapore. It is very strategic location with the economical hub and Clarke Quay, and you can do a lot of things on foot.

Orchard road

There are several malls, so if your business is shopping, this is the best place to stay. Orchard is always busy place, but the weather is much calmer at night. 


Here, you will find a little more affordable hosting options. A very interesting area to stay, with market and street food options, as well as temples and other options for those who want to explore the cultural side of Singapore.