What to do in Hamburg – Hamburg Travel Tips

What to do in Hamburg – Germany’s second largest city is famous worldwide for its harbor. The red containers named Hamburg are found in the most diverse ports on the planet. The city has so many scattered bridges that it is nicknamed Germanic Venice. Before you start the tour make sure you have a good translator on your phone. Although the majority of the population also receives English literacy, residents prefer to answer tourists in German.

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Hamburg Travel Tips

What to do in Hamburg

Nothing fairer than getting to know the city through the best known region: Porto. With a history that has been written for over 800 years, the port is on the Elbe River and has an underground circulation section for cars and pedestrians, that’s right, you pass under the river, crossing it from bank to bank. . The port was built in the Middle Ages and rebuilt after bombing in World War II. There are a number of souvenir shops in the region, most of which have a machine that transforms coins into sort of navigational medals with the city symbol for souvenir. 

The City Hall building is another postcard of the municipality. The building is neo-renaissance in style and is located opposite Rathausmarkt square where a fair of local crafts and products is held. From the lobby you can take a 30-minute tour of the building.

Aquariums and animals outside the cages are some of the attractions of the Hamburg Zoo (Hagenbeck), one of the first not to use crates to separate visitors from animals. The distance is made through ditches, that is, a cavity between the environment of animals and tourists. Birds and small animals roam freely around the site, to the delight of the children.