TMS Logistics Software to Optimize Deliveries and Results

The Transportation Management System is a tool developed for organizations that have processes focused on the distribution of products. It is designed for companies that need a solution that supports freight management, automates processes and is able to manage information and track activities in real time.

TMS Logistics Software to Optimize Deliveries and Results

How does the system work?

A TMS is a modern and logical command system that operates online, allowing the transmission of the management of the processes of the transport of loads that previously was executed through registers and spreadsheets.

This operation is performed through computers exclusively for the program, making monitoring more agile and efficient. In addition to minimizing failures, it helps better control processes.

What are the main features?

TMS logistics software can have a number of functionalities, which help increase the efficiency of the routines and, consequently, optimize the results. Among the main ones, we can mention some. See below!

Freight calculation

The carriers that send express documents overseas (ส่ง เอกสาร ด่วน ไป ต่าง ประเทศ, which is the term in Thai) can use a differentiated pricing model, considering the variables that best fit the business model, which makes the calculation more complex, especially when deciding which freight to hire.

With the investment in a TMS, these accounts are automated. It compares all the freight tables of the transport service providers, crossing the data with greater agility and lower risk of errors. All of this allows for a more cost-effective and sound decision.

Management of dispatches

The management of dispatches is linked to the generation of creation of requests of collections for the transporters, among other functions that can vary according to the contracted solution.

Scheduling of deliveries

For companies working with fractional deliveries, effective planning of order distribution can be challenging. The alternative to circumvent it is to implement the processes of scheduling of deliveries and the consolidation of the loads.