How to Think About Moving Office from Japan To The U.K

A change of office from Japan to UK requires organization and planning, especially when it comes to a change of office. Preparations are taking place in parallel with the normal activities of the company, as it would be detrimental to close the doors to organize the entire transfer to the new structure.

However, it is possible to finish office hours and start another day of work in a new company, without hassle and without affecting productivity. Want to know how? See our tips!

How to Think About Moving Office from Japan To The U.K

Preparing the structure of the new office

Depending on the adaptations required, set aside a few days to get everything ready in the new location to receive employees and the entire structure. Here come renovations, electrical installations, internet and telephone points, and sockets for connecting computers and other electronics. Make sure you can use the same furniture as the current office, and determine where the new workspaces will be, so staff can get up and running quickly on the first day.

Organizing change in the current office

In the meantime, let employees know about the change so that they have time to get organized and also to avoid concerns. The process will be easier if each person is responsible for storing their belongings and work materials. It’s also a good time to archive documents that aren’t commonly used and to discard what’s not needed in the new office. To do this, distribute cardboard boxes and labels, which should contain the contents stored. This makes it easier to relocate the material in the new company.

Contacting the moving company

In parallel with these tasks, contact a company for moving from Japan to the U.K, requesting the details about budget and the services. At this point, it is necessary to negotiate the loading and unloading of boxes and see if it will be necessary to disassemble and assemble furniture.