3 Tips for Cleaning the Hookah Vase

It is very common that over time and with use, the hookah vessel becomes “dirty” inside, showing some spots and even opacity even after changing the water.

Check out 3 simple and easy tips to end this problem:

1) Raw rice

Simply put some raw rice into the pot and leave overnight. After that shake well and rinse!

2) Detergent + bleach

Soak your vase for a few hours with water, detergent and bleach. After this time, be sure to rinse!

3) Specific products

It is already possible to find in the Hookah Calgary market from ready-to-clean vessel fluids to magnetic wipers for scrubbing the vessel inside!

3 Tips for Cleaning the Hookah Vase

Is that you? Got any tips for leaving the hookah vase as new? You can also order Hookah accessories Calgary online.

Check out the further hookah tips:

Opt for quality hookahs with a good breath

Hookah with more than one hose inlet, no way!

It turns out that a hookah with two mouths or more gives up the breather, a kind of “valve” fundamental to the quality of a hookah. Buy Hookah Online Calgary according to your requirements and taste.

We will not delve into all the functions of the breath in this post, but speaking exclusively of the amount of smoke, the breath ensures during the pull that no air enters your session.

Use smoke intensifiers in their essence

The smoke booster is basically a glycerine-based liquid that drips into the essence that is in the bowl, intensifies and increases the amount of smoke in your session!

Try it!

Smoky sessions tend to last less or may compromise a little in the flow of your hookah. The interesting thing is to try different ways of preparation to find out what suits you best!

Look for equipment with good sealing and with very resistant accessories, paying attention to the brands available in the market.

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