Best Spots To Visit In Colombia

Best Spots To Visit In Colombia

South America is one of the best places to go when travelling on a budget. Not only the prices of the accommodation and the food are one of the most convenient Backpackers can experience worldwide, but as well the landscape is simply breathtaking. With multiple routes leading all across the continent and a massively growing backpacking scene, the countries in South America have become more popular than ever before. One of them is Columbia.

Best Spots To Visit In Colombia

Backpacker Paradise in South America

Colombia seems to be one of those countries, that any traveller puts on the list for South America. With a high diversity in attractions and highlights, Colombia is a destination you don’t want to miss. Located in the very north of the continent, it can easily be combined with touring through other countries. Plus, it is still considered to be rural and quiet. Backpackers with a love for travels off the beaten path and away from the usual touristic areas will get their best out of the trip through Colombia. But which spots are really worth the visit?

The TOP 7 best spots in Colombia

The country offers a great choice of things to do. Ranging from the vibrant cities to peaceful mountain areas, Colombia shows different sides.

The city of Bogota

Bogota is the capital of Columbia and therefore a clear must on the trip through the country. Those who fly to Colombia will most likely start their journey in the city. Bogota is mostly a colorful place. With lively streets, a lot of culture and the hectic city life, it offers everything a traveller could possibly expect from a South American metropole. Visit the different areas and get lost in the vibe. The highlight is the nightlife with multiple bars and clubs, opening for an unforgettable time.

The paradise of Cartagena

If you want to experience the true paradise in Colombia, Cartagena is the place to go. With the unique Caribbean flair, it is one of the most popular spots to visit in Colombia. The city itself is known for a laid-back atmosphere and cute streets. Stroll through the markets and the shops or spend your day at the beach and try some snorkeling.

The Islas del Rosario

If you can´t get enough of the clear water and the paradise beaches, the Islas del Rosario is another spot to visit. The island brings you back to the quiet side of Colombia. With lonely beaches, nice restaurants and cheap accommodation directly at the beach, this spot is made for Backpackers. Many decide to spend a few days on the island.


Colombia is more than just beaches and cities. For those travellers who aim for an unforgettable time in nature, Leticia is the best spot to visit on the journey. The small village is in the area of the Amazonas and offers multiple opportunities to get lost in the landscape. From boat tours to expeditions – it is hard to choose.

The National Park Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

Even more of the Colombian nature can be found in the National Parks. One of the most popular here is the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. It offers a totally different perspective and takes travellers into the rural areas. Experience the area on some hiking tours and get to know the local life in the villages. This is one of those experiences off the beaten track but by far one of the most adventurous and exciting ones you can do in Colombia.

Salsa in Cali

Cali is known as the capital of Salsa. If you are interested in dancing, this is the spot to visit. The Salsa Festival and the dances on the streets mark the city. With historical buildings and interesting history, Cali attracts all kinds of travellers. Book a tour through the city and learn more about the Background of Colombia or stroll through the streets on your own.


Another city that should be on the list for the route through Colombia, is Medellin. The ideal spot to visit for the adventurous traveller. With great hiking opportunities and even a skydive, the adrenaline is constantly high.

Colombia – a journey of a lifetime

The country offers multiple possibilities to experience the culture and the local life. With countless bucketlist moments, Colombia is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to get lost in nature and travel off the beaten path. For even more information on the route through Colombia and interesting blog posts, visit the German Website Backpackertrail.

European Dating Tips for Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship

European Dating Tips

If you are in a relationship, one of the most difficult decisions when traveling to abroad will be to stay away from the person you love. How to enjoy the experience without having your girlfriend or boyfriend by your side?

The self is as important as knowing the opinion of his girlfriend / your boyfriend. After answering these personal questions, it is appropriate to have a frank conversation with her / him. State your plans to stay abroad, explain why and how much the experience is important to you and ask for his / her help and understanding.

If after all this, you decide to travel, it’s time to plan what the couple’s routine will be like while they are away. Check out European dating tips:

European Dating Tips

  1. Understand the changes

The first thing to do is to understand that everything will change for those who leave and everything will remain the same for those who stay. 

Therefore, it is very important to understand the feelings of those who stayed to avoid fights and resentments. Always put yourself in the person’s shoes.

  1. Communication

After the initial shock, it is time to establish a routine. The most important thing is the communication between you. However, unlike what you might imagine, maintaining very constant communication can be harmful.

Thanks to new apps like Whats-app, Messenger and Skype, you can exchange messages all the time – literally! Although having all this facility is incredible and should certainly be used in favor of the relationship, being in contact all the time can be harmful.

  1. Fixed call times

The ideal is to find gaps in your calendars and stipulate fixed times to talk. For example: at lunchtime and in the evening, when the two are free. Reserve these periods exclusively for your girlfriend – do not talk to her while you do your homework or share the room with your friends.